Berlin Food Guide

Last week I was in Berlin and I was overwhelmed by the wide range of vegan restaurants there. My boyfriend and I went out for breakfast and dinner. For lunch we just had bread, hummus and veggies. We tried out different restaurants and every meal was delicious! However, I want to share my favourite ones with you:

Goodie´s (Warschauer Straße 69)
Next to Veganz (a vegan bio market) you can eat delicious cakes, banana bread, bagels and wraps. I am totally convinced that everyone (vegan or not) will find somethin mouthwatering there!



Soy (Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30)
If you love asian food, this is a must-go! They have great meals with veggies, seitan and tofu. We went there twice because it was so good! The food is served in bamboo baskets or bowls and as a drink you have to try their ginger tea, it´s amazing. I am so sorry that I do not have a foodpic from my meals there, but the light wasn´t that good to take appropriate pictures.

Cafe´Grün Ohr (Rosenthaler Straße 32)
I have never eaten a better chocolate cake my whole life than the avocado chocolate cake at Cafe´ Grün Ohr. They have a wide range of cakes, muffins and cupcakes. Every treat looks and tastes just heavenly.


Haferkater (Boxhagener Straße 76)
As a huge porridge lover I can´t skip my daily bowl of oats. Haferkater offers great porridge options and most of them are vegan. My favourite was Knusperkater but I fancied the other ones too. If you go there, make sure you also taste there hot chocolate. It´s like sweet, melted chocolate and I have to remake it at home!



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