Review: Forks over Knives

I am vegan for half a year now and never watched a documentary about a plantbased diet. But frequently I get asked more and more why I am vegan and have to face the usual prejudices against veganism. For this reason I watched Forks over Knives on Netflix and I can totally recommand it to you (vegan or not).

First of all, even it is a documentary, it is everything else but boring. Although, you get a lot of facts and information, it is transmitted in a really interesting and understanding way. The film gives hard facts and and evidence that a vegan lifestyle is totally healthy. It shows different people with different background stories and how and most important why they decided to become vegan. They all have one in common, they suffered from degenerative diseases and because of becoming vegan, they all experienced spontaneous remission.

Living on a unhealthy diet can cause severe illnesses like cancer or because of buildups of plaque the chance to have a heart stroke rises exponentially. But a whole food, plantbased diet can prevent you from that. Filling your body with the right nutrition you are healthier and have more energy. So change your diet, give it a try (even when it is just for a month) and eat yourself healthy!

In my opinion, this documentary is absolutely worth watching and I hope that some of you decide to give it a try! Being vegan or not, I am convinced that we all have to educate ourselves on the big impact our diet has on our lives.


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