My Interrail Experience

Last summer I went through Europe by train for 3 weeks with my boyfriend. It was my first travel experience without an organised group or my parents. I always loved travelling but because of Interrail I now feel the strong urge to go away and see new places.

We planned our route in advance and our first destination was Amsterdam because I have relatives there and we wanted to vistit them. Afterwards we went to Paris, Bordeaux, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona and our last stop was in Marseille. So we spent a lot of time in the south and we had really nice weather (around 27°C every day). It was a great route but I would do things differently now. Because of our precise planning, there was no way to change things up and be spontaneous. That´s the one and only thing I had missed a bit during our trip.

Each of us carried a backpack (Deuter -ACT Trail 36 EL ) and it was far enough. I watched a lot of youtube videos and read many blog posts about packing essentials and followed their tips to really just take the most important things with me. Not only that I had not to carry around a heavy backpack, it was also a great and for me really important life lesson to live with not as much clothes and beauty products than I have at home.

I can totally recommand travelling to different cities to you and the interrail ticket is a great and unexpensive way to do it. You can choose between different categories and if you have a deeper look into all the options, I am convinced you will find the perfect one for you.

Hopefully this post inspires you to pack your things and travel through Europe by yourself. Or maybe your already went interrailing? Would like to here about your travel experiences <3<3





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