Coffee Oatmeal

Everyone who is following me on Instagram (vegantravellove) may know that I love oatmeal and eat it on a daily bases. One of my favourite recipes and best ways to start my day is Coffee Oatmeal. The recipe is quite simple, however, I am just in love with the taste! Additionally, I am a little bit coffee-addicted, so this is the perfect way to get in my needed caffein.

100gr oats
2 shots of espresso
little bit of plantbased milk (I love to use rice milk)
around 100ml water (not too hot/cold)
Favourite toppings (mine are fruits, banana chips and lots of nutbutter)

Cook your oats in the water first and then add slowly the coffee. Never forget to stir the oats and when it gets “sticky” add more liquid. You can increase the amount of liquids but I love to have my oatmeal really pulpy!

Let me know, how you like it and if you upload one of my recipes, pls tag me in the picture so I can see your delicious creations.


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