Day Trip to Verona

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, therefore I decided to travel to Verona by train just for one day (3.5h travel time). Because my boyfriend and I decided quite spontaneous to go there, we had nothing planned or looked up.

When we arrived in Verona it was around 1 o´clock and we were really hungry. We ate at a really cool italian restaurant and as a vegan, spending time in Italy, eating out is absolutely simple, just order pizza without cheese, or a simple pasta dish. Afterwards we wandered around the city and for sure we visited the famous balcony!

I can totally recommend taking time for a day trip to all of you. Firstly, it really helps to distract yourself and to see everything from a different point of view. Secondly, life is all about living the moment and making memories and travelling includes all of it. So take every chance you get to see new places and explore other cities and cultures. Eat delicious food, take pictures and live life to the fullest.




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