Vegan Waffle Recipe

Omg guys, I searched and tried out so many recipes for delicious, not-sticky waffles and I think I finally found one.

1 mashed banana
4 dates (soaked in water)
2 big spoons of flour
some water
little bit of cinnamon/cocoa powder/…

  1. First mix the mashed banana & the dates (leave out the water)
  2. Add the flour and as much water as needed to get a sticky texture (it really should not be to runny)
  3. You can add some cinnamon, coconut flakes or cocoa powder to it.

Pls let me know if you like it and tag me on social media if you share a picture of your creations. It makes me really happy to create new vegan recipes because I want to share the message that a vegan diet is anything else than restrictive! Being a vegan you can eat whatever you want without harming animals or the environment.



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