We are always in a rush, we want to be faster, better than others. We want to earn more and more money and even if there is nothing wrong with wanting to be succesfull, we have to focus on the most important issues in our lives.

Making money is important but running your own buisness is not  worth it to be stressed out and miss out every oppurtunity to grow. I discovered that it is highly important to give yourself a break from time to time and to reset yourself and to connect with nature in order to regain new energy. As you might know, I totally love running but sometimes I just need something more slower and relaxing. Therefore I go for a walk in the forest. To be surrounded by nature, sitting there and just listening to nature´s orchestra really helps me to relax. It is so important to make time for yourself and to give yourself the opportunity to be calm and let your mind flow. Especially when it comes to creativity I need to be surrounded by nature, to get inspired!

At least, try to spend one day a week in nature. I know that it is not easy to make time for yourself but when you try it out for a few times you will discover how important it is for our body and our soul<3<3


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