Pula, Croatia 2k17

Last week was one of the best travel experiences I have had so far. It was relaxing, breathtaking and a week full of adventures all at ones.

My boyfriend and I flew to Pula from Munic and stayed at Crazy House Hostel. This hostel was really comfy and cheap. There is a big terrace, a room to chill and a big kitchen. The staff is so friendly and it is by far my favourite hostel I have ever stayed.

Must Do

  1. Seagull Rocks (better known as “The Cave”): You can find it on the peninsula Stoya and you can go for a swim there or try out cliff jumping
  2. You absolutly have to make time and make a day trip to Ronvinj (40min with the bus). First of all, it is a really beautiful city and you can buy a lot of handmade jewellery, art and decoration there. Secondly, you have to go on a sunset boat tour and watch the dolphins. It is so romantic and calming. It really felt like a dream.
  3. There is a canyon around 10 minutes with the bus away from the Center of Pula in Verudela. You can either climb the rocks around (which we did) or go on a swim in the refreshing water.
  4.  In the country side of Pula, in Premantura, you can find beautiful beaches and if you are into wind-surfing this is totally your “Must Do”.

If you still ask yourself if Pula is worth a trip (and it is), look at these pictures of the incredible turquoise sea and the beauty of the nature there. You can relax, go on a hike, take a swim or explore the historical side of Pula. I am convinced that everyone will get their money worth and will enjoy the time there!!

Stoya, Croatia
Stoya, Croatia
Sunset Rovinj, Croatia

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