Copenhagen 20k17

Omg, I did it, my first solo trip and it was completely overwhelming. It was a great experience and I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen.


Transport & Accommodation

I traveled by train there and it was so great even it took me over 13 hours to get there. I found a really nice host for the first days via and it was a really nice stay. My last night I slept at a Youth Hostel near the train station. Although, the rooms were quite big (a dorm room for 8 people) it was great and clean.


Must Do´s

  1. Nyhavn: There are a lot of people and it is wonderful to walk around the beautiful houses and just watch the others.
  2. Street Food PapirØen: Close to Nyhavn you can get delicious, for Denmark quite cheap food. They offer pancakes, fries, burgers,… I am sure that everyone will get satisfied there.
  3. Botanical Garden: I spent over 1,5 hours there because firstly the plants are really wonderful to watch and secondly, it was so cold this days and inside the pavilion it was really warm.
  4. The Little Mermaid: For sure you have to see The Little Mermaid when you travel to Copenhagen. Even I expected her to be taller and maybe more spectacular, it was absolutely worth it and it was also a great fun to watch the other tourists totally going crazy with taking photos.
  5. Rent a bike: Besides from the Netherlands, I have never been to a city with so many bicycles! But please be careful, because they are driving really fast and if you don´t go with their flow, it may happen that they start shouting at you!

All in all it was a really great trip and you absolutely have to make time to just walk around through the city and through the parks because they are really beautiful and calming. But you have to make sure that you have enough money because Copenhagen is nothing but cheap, especially when you want to eat out in restaurants or spend time in coffee shops. Anyways, it is absolutely worth a trip!



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