1st Solo Travel Experience

A month ago I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark completely on my own. It was the first time I did that and I was quite a bit scared in advance. However, I am now totally in love with it! It was an amazing experience and I can totally recommend it to everyone because I am convinced it helps to grow and learn something about yourself and life!

Have I felt alone
No, I never did. I enjoyed being completely independent and being able to do whatever whenever I want it. It was great not to ask someone if he or she is okay with doing this or that.

Eating out
Because I wanted to save money (Copenhagen is really really expensive!!!) I usually just went to the supermarket and bought different things and had a picnic in one of the beautiful parks in Copenhagen. Because it is quite strange to eat out completely alone, I had my e-book with me and so I also did not feel lost while enjoying my food.

How to meet others
As an outgoing person, I love to talk to people and being silent for a whole week seemed horrible. But I found a nice host via couchsurfing . Therefore I had someone to talk to in the morning and evening and now a month later I think back to our lovely conversations!


Why I think traveling solo is so important

  1. Because you have to face problems completely on our own
  2. You have to survive a long train/plane journey alone and have to entertain yourself
  3. If you want to chat with someone, you have to make the first step
  4. In our daily lives it is not always easy to get some time for ourselves, now you have plenty of it
  5. You have to make decisions (not always easy, but something everybody needs to learn)
  6. You  have to be creative (missed flights, not finding your hostel,…)
  7. When you have your travel-buddy you can share your luggage (for example: someone brings the toothbrush, the other one the charging cable). Now you have to take everything with you!
  8. Who else loves travel pictures? I guess, everyone. But if you travel solo, you have to ask someone if he could take a picture of you! So again, you  have to be brave
  9. You learn to know yourself better! What do you like while travelling, when do you get hungry etc..
  10. It is just a wonderful, magical experience and you will meet a punch of new people and see things completely different after coming home!




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