Listen to your body

I guess, everyone who is into fitness knows the tip “listen to your body and take care of it” but it is so damn hard for me to give my body the time to recover and heal.

The last days I have been really sick and I could not take a break because… to be honest, I don´t really know. I just felt the urge and pressure to move. So everyday I went on a short run and did a workout afterwards, even though I have to take antibiotics. And not only the training was nothing like it should be, I also feel more ill now than before.

Now I decided to give my body the time it needs to recover. But I have such a bad conscience. However, I will stick to my decision just because I know it is the best thing I can do for myself.

Pushing yourself is important to reach a goal, I know that. But I found out that it is also really really important to listen to your body. In the past I always wanted to look good on the outside but now I want to have a good relationship with my body AND mind. I do not want to push my body in an unhealthy way beyond my limits. I want to be nice and gentle with myself, take care of my physical and mental health and love myself in every shape and size.


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