Short Adventure in Malta

It may sound crazy and stupid for some people but I flew to Malta for “only” 2,5 days. However, it was absolutely worth it! Malta is not only a small island, it is full of hidden places and beautiful landscape. The sea is magically blue and the weather in August was perfect. Because I was only there for such a short time, I can´t give a full reference, yet I want to share the 5 most important tips to get the most out of your trip.

  1. Stay in Sliema, Valetta or St.Julien
    Which I didn´t do, so believe me, I know what I am talking about. Even the public transport is really good in Malta, it is far more convenient if you stay in one of the top cities. Firstly, you save money for the bus and secondly, you save a lot of time because the bus stops really often and isn´t always on time.
  2. Take a boat tour to Comino and the Blue Lagoons
    This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I booked my trip with Captain Morgan Cruses and it was a well organised trip to the smallest island of Malta Comino. I paid 20€ for the whole day and there are free drinks and lunch included. You can also book an extra boat tour in Camino with a speed boat for 15€ and believe me, it´s so much fun. Especially when the waves are quite high!
  3. Theobroma
    If you are vegan or not, you definitely have to check out this place! This small cafe´in the middle of Valetta offers delicious cold and hot drinks (like chai-tumeric latte) and delicious sweet treats (granola bars, brownies,…).
  4. Go there in August
    Even though I don´t know how Malta is in any other month, I can totally recommend going there in August around the 15th. Yes, it is really hot but the 15th of August is a public holiday in Malta and they celebrate it for 3 days with fireworks and special offers.
  5. Pack good shoes
    I know sneakers are maybe not the most fashionable shoes, however you will be grateful to have worn them after a long day exploring Valetta. The streets are narrow and go up and down. The pathways are made of stone and are uneven with lots of stairs. So take care!

Hope I could help you and if you plan an adventure to Malta yourself, I wish you all the best at one of the most beautiful islands I have been so far




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