Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

I guess everyone who knows me from my Instagram page (@sus_annie) knows I am addicted to oatmeal in the morning. For me, it is just the best breakfast ever. Firstly, it is delicious, secondly, it satisfies me, thirdly, it nourishes my body to run the day and last but not least, there are tons of different variations! Usually I cook the oats in water and add fruits as a topping but now I wanted to try something new and more fancier. Inspired by one of my favourite instagrammer´s @nourishfearlessly I topped my breakfast with cinnamon baked apples.Ingredients

1 apple (I used a Pink Lady)
oats (as much as you want)
water or plantbased milk (the amount depends on the amount of oats you use)
other additional toppings (like nuts, granola, fruit,…)

  1. Bring the liquid to boil and then add the oats (make sure to stir them from so they don´t burn at the bottom!)
  2. Cut the apple in small pieces
  3. Take a pan and add some oil (I used coconut oil)
  4. Then add the apples and 1-2 tsp of cinnamon
  5. Mix it all while waiting for the apples to get softer (you can also add some sugar if you like it sweeter)
  6. When it is all soft and the oats are also cooked, put it all together in a bowl and decorate in with whatever you like

I hope you like this breakfast idea as much as I do<3


Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal


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